Intent-Based Networking

Intent-Based Networking
Intent-Based Networking

In this article we will talk about Intent-Based Networking, and in previous article we already discussed about 802.11 Standards.

You have learned of the many tools and software that can help you automate your network. Intent-Based Networking (IBN) and Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center can help you bring it all together to create an automated network.

Intent-Based Networking

Click Play in the figure to view a video by Cisco’s John Apostolopoulos and Anand Oswal explaining how artificial intelligence and intent-based networking (IBN) can improve networks.

IBN is the emerging industry model for the next generation of networking. IBN builds on Software-Defined Networking (SDN), transforming a hardware-centric and manual approach to designing and operating networks to one that is software-centric and fully automated.

Business objectives for the network are expressed as intent. IBN captures business intent and uses analytics, machine learning, and automation to align the network continuously and dynamically as business needs change.

IBN captures and translates business intent into network policies that can be automated and applied consistently across the network.

Cisco views IBN as having three essential functions: translation, activation, and assurance. These functions interact with the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure, as shown in the figure.

Translation – The translation function enables the network administrator to express the expected networking behavior that will best support the business intent.

Activation – The captured intent then needs to be interpreted into policies that can be applied across the network. The activation function installs these policies into the physical and virtual network infrastructure using networkwide automation.

Assurance – In order to continuously check that the expressed intent is honored by the network at any point in time, the assurance function maintains a continuous validation-and-verification loop.

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