Education and Literacy Department in the Pakistan Government School System

By | November 11, 2021

Education and Literacy Department in the Pakistan Government School System

education and literacy department

Education and Literacy Department is actually a division of the Government of Sindh, Pakistan. Education and Literacy Department deals with various problems regarding education, child development and women empowerment. The department is headed by a senior educated lady named Malala Yousaf. Education and Literacy Department makes sure that all the children in Pakistan have equal right to have education. They also work towards eliminating the illiteracy problem and promoting the educational programs.


Education and Literacy Department was established during the reign of Indira Gandhi. At that time, there were no separate departments for education, but it was the responsibility of a single ministry to make sure that all the educational institutions of Pakistan are operating in an organized manner. There was only one educational institution in each town of Pakistan, but now there are more than twenty educational institutions located in different cities. In order to promote the educational pursuits of children, the sindh government has taken various steps and implemented various policies.


For the betterment of education sector, the federal government has taken certain decisions regarding education and literacy. The educational institutions in Pakistan are now required to register themselves with the Education and Literacy Department. They are provided with requisite permits to conduct their businesses as per the regulations of the department. There are many private schools as well as government aided private schools. The private schools are mostly available in urban areas and karachi. Whereas, the government aided schools mainly exist in different cities of rural Pakistan.


Education and Literacy Department also regulates the teaching profession. There are many posts available for teaching in different sindh government institutions. There are also many posts available for the chief minister of different provinces to fill in case there is any vacancy. Education and Literacy Secretary is also an important position in the sindh government, and the chief minister usually appoints this person for the convenience of governing the educational institutions.


In order to make educational facilities in karachi better, the chief minister has to visit the colleges and universities on a frequent basis. On his visits, he provides grants to them. The first private college that was established in Karachi was opened by the American Consul in the year nineteen hundred twenty. It was called the Covid-19. However, it closed down several years later owing to the outbreak of the cold war.


Eventually, two other private colleges opened in karachi, the International School and the Sindh University. Both of them became famous because of their excellent services to the education sector. It was on the recommendation of the Pakistan government school, the International School, that the International School merged with the Sindh University. Therefore, the graduates of both the colleges have become the administrators of both the schools.

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